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Welcome to Harry H. Horning Financial Services

The world of 50 years ago was a lot different than it is today. An individual often worked at the same job all his or her adult life, lived in the same house, and stayed married to the same spouse. In those days, too, one spouse could support a family, paying for college ordinarily didn't require taking out a second mortgage, and people could look forward to retiring on Social Security and possibly a company pension.

Today, your hopes and dreams are no different. Like most people, you probably want to buy a home, put your children through college, and retire with a comfortable income. But the world has become a more complex place, especially when it comes to your finances.  That's where we come in; we have the experience and expertise needed to get you on track for financial independence.  We will develop an overall strategy for approaching your financial goals that not only anticipates what you'll need to do to reach them, but that remains flexible enough to accommodate your evolving financial needs.  Indeed, your hopes and dreams are no different today, let us help make sure that doesn't change in the future.


Our Company

We guide you in every aspect of your financial life with the goal to help build your wealth and enable financial success, confidence and independence.  

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Our Services

We provide you with comprehensive advice, support, and management on investments, financial planning, insurance, home mortgages, and taxes.

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Our Team

We are Harry H. Horning and Harry Horning, II, financial advisors, dedicated to you and your quest to become financially independent.  

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